Lieutenant Arlene Galway was a Human sciences division officer who served in Starfleet in the mid-23rd century, until her death aboard the USS Enterprise. She was born in 2243.

In 2267, she was a member of the landing party sent to Gamma Hydra IV to respond to a distress call. While on the surface, Galway was affected by a radiation illness that caused hyper-accelerated aging. Among her symptoms was hearing loss, which she had never experienced before. When she approached Doctor Leonard McCoy about it, he suggested hypersonic treatment.

Later, McCoy suggested she lay down and rest in her quarters, but Galway was hesitant, fearing how she would appear when she awoke again. Captain Kirk, understanding her feelings, "ordered" her back to work, much to her relief. While leaving sickbay, she looked at herself in the mirror with dismay.

Though younger than the other members of the landing party, including Pavel Chekov, she was the first to die, something McCoy attributed to her metabolism. (TOS: "The Deadly Years")

Galway was played by Beverly Washburn.
Galway's first name was not spoken onscreen but rather comes from the final draft of "The Deadly Years" where she was listed in the cast portion as "Chief Arlene Galway, a doll in her mid-twenties." Her designation as "chief" was further clarified in the stage notes, which described her as the "chief biologist".
When Galway was prematurely aging, her first stage of aging was described in the script as having "looks older than sixty," while her final stage of aging was described as "She looks incredible old (80), hardly recognizable."

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