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Arlene Fukai (Ensign)

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Arlene Fukai was a Starfleet officer in the 24th century.

In 2328, Fukai boarded a starship at Alpha Rossi, bound for Alpha Echevarria IV. This information was part of a passenger manifest recorded in the commercial transport database and reviewed by Data in 2370. (TNG: "Inheritance")

In 2353, Fukai was listed on a directory placard as having an office in room 35951 on Starbase 32. (TNG: "Violations" production art)

In the early 2370s, she worked for Starfleet Operations, and was listed as such on the dedication plaque of the USS Voyager (2371) and the USS Prometheus (2373). (Star Trek: Voyager production art)

She was also listed on a Voyager crew manifest as an ensign, displayed on a computer screen in 2374. (VOY: "The Killing Game" set artwork)

It isn't clear if Ensign Fukai could have been part of the Voyager crew when it was trapped in the Delta Quadrant, and worked on the Prometheus, which was built after Voyager was stranded. However, it is possible Fukai made contributions to the Prometheus design or construction before she was lost, and was still listed on the plaque in absentia. She could also have been assigned to the ship before it was stranded in the Delta Quadrant, during construction or test phase. Another explanation could be that the crew manifest was deliberately falsified in order to disturb aliens who try to scan the ship database or board the ship, which could explain the use of the people on the dedication plaque with ranks that obviously are doubtful.

In an alternate timeline, she was listed on the dedication plaque of the USS Pasteur for Starfleet Tactical. (TNG: "All Good Things..." production art)

Fukai's name was an inside reference to Second Assistant Director Arlene Fukai.

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