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Arkonian patrol ship

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Arkonian patrol ship

Arkonian patrol ship

An Arkonian patrol ship was a type of shuttle utilized by the Arkonian military. These one-manned vessels easily outclassed Earth Starfleet shuttlepods.

One of these vessels, piloted by Zho'Kaan, was violently encountered by Shuttlepod 1 after the latter craft inadvertantly traveled into Arkonian space in 2152. Weapons fire from the Arkonian craft caused the shuttlepod to crash land on a moon. The Arkanian vessel also crashed on the same moon, at about the same time. (ENT: "Dawn")

In the final draft script of "Dawn", this craft was referred to as both a "shuttlecraft" and a "ship". The script also referred to its weaponry as "pulse-weapons blasts" and later noted about the crash-landed depiction of the vessel, "We will redress an alien ship from storage." For more information on the studio model, see VOY studio models.

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