The Arkonian language was spoken by Arkonians.

While Commander Charles Tucker III of Enterprise NX-01 was marooned on a moon with an Arkonian named Zho'Kaan, Tucker managed to pick up approximately a dozen words of Zho'Kaan's language. At one time, Tucker acknowledged about the words he learned, "A couple of them are real tongue-twisters." The Arkonian, in turn, managed to pick up several words of Tucker's native English. (ENT: "Dawn")

Known words or phrases Edit

  • nokhto - "bad"
  • tsunsana - "transmitter"
  • v'dozhe - "ship"
The definitions of the following examples come from the script for "Dawn".
  • Va'dz-RA - a verb meaning "Work"
  • Dza't - another verb meaning "Work"
  • Araat - a command meaning "Now"

Established dialogue Edit

The formatting, spelling, and translations of the following examples are from the final draft script for "Dawn".

Va'dz-ra tahn-szuk!

Who are you!

Adz'ahe kun'tnck, tnee-kha...

All I want to do is send a message...

Askaas tooratt yzarra!

You'll die for this!

Tsunsana ahn-szuk...

This is no good...

Gahn thak!

Get up!
As a spelling error in the final draft script of "Dawn", this two-word phrase was instead once spelled "Gahn Tahk" in the script, though the phrase is consistently pronounced correctly on screen.

Tnee'kha Tsunsana kha'n a'haba?

How does your transceiver operate?


How does it work?

Va'dz-RA m'Kush'ka!

Show me how to fix it!

Kush'ka rooratta tsunsana!

Repair my shuttle's transceiver!

Kusk'ka rooratta!

My shuttle's transceiver!


My shuttle!

Kutku ncatta ackzatche...

Don't deceive me...

Gha'za't kba tu'nu'n "Dammit."

Your name is "Dammit."

Va'dz-RA maastass!

Don't waste it!

Dza't ku'mnuchta.

Get back to work.

Kuuratt jhaza.

This isn't over.

T'mna khenna v'dhoze.

There's food on my ship.


Untie me.


Our territory.


Thank you.

Tsunsana... Enterprise krtat?

Has Enterprise responded?

Non-verbal communication Edit

  • A gesture of two sidewards shakes of the head signified "yes", much as a nod does for Humans.

Background information Edit

The following examples are from ultimately omitted dialogue in the final draft script of "Dawn".

Kjakka jhasskoss.

This is our territory.

Tyr nohkto.

Very bad.

Jtorra dhasgka?

Is everything all right?