For the Federation starship, please see USS Ariel.

Ariel was one of the six elected Mistresses of Angel I in 2364.

When an away team led by Commander William T. Riker visited the planet to investigate the possibility of survivors from the lost Federation freighter Odin, Ariel opposed their investigation and helped persuade Beata, the planet's Elected One, not to cooperate with Riker.

It was revealed that Ariel was married to one of the Odin's survivors, Ramsey, and she was really trying to protect him and the remaining survivors who were classified by the leadership as rebels. The dissidents advocated equal rights for men, which Beata regarded as going against the natural order of things. The "rebels" were located after Beata had Ariel followed, leading them to Ramsey and the others. At first, the leadership condemned them to death, but through the intervention of Riker, their lives were spared.

Following this, Ariel lost her position, and along with Ramsey and the dissidents, was exiled to a remote region of the planet. (TNG: "Angel One")

Ariel was played by Patricia McPherson.