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Argo, planet.jpg

Argo from orbit

Type: Planet
Native Species: Aquans
Argo surface city.jpg

An ancient city returned to the surface of Argo, after previously being submerged by seismic activity

Argo was an inhabited planet of the "pelagic" type. This was the homeworld of a humanoid species known as the Aquans. It was also home to other native sea life, including varieties of algae and the sur-snake.

Argo was once a land planet, but its surface became almost completely covered by water, following a series of violent seismic disturbances, leaving only a single large landmass, with a few associated outcroppings. The planet remained seismically unstable.

Aquan city

The Aquan city on Argo, viewed by Spock and Kirk

In 2269, the USS Enterprise was on a mission to study the effects of the quakes and other phenomena the planet had on its surface. With that knowledge, they intended to save millions of lives on a Federation planet identical to Argo that was soon to be undergoing a similar seismic transformation.

After not only learning how to redirect the seismic disruptions but also applying a technique for doing just that which employed the Enterprise's weapons, some of the land that had previously been under water was returned to the surface. This land included an ancient city of the air-breathing ancestors of the Aquans. (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

According to The Worlds of the Federation, the star that Argo orbited was named "UFC 78856," and the Aquans referred to their world as "Hestalor."(citation needededit)
According to Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 27), Argo was classified as a O class planet.

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