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Ardra's starship was a starship utilized by a con artist who posed as the Ventaxian deity Ardra in 2367. The ship was equipped with a cloaking device described as a "bad copy" of a Romulan cloak.

The ship functioned as Ardra's base of operations during her many ruses throughout the sector. Through prearranged programs in the ship's computer, the con artist was able to create combinations of force field projections, holography, and transporter effects, which she controlled through an implant that allowed her eye movements to choose and activate each illusion.

One of her illusions included extending the ship's cloaking shields around the USS Enterprise-D, and setting up a subspace dampening field. This hid the Enterprise from sight, sensors, and communications, making it seem to disappear. Geordi La Forge was able to detect the ship's power source through a wavelength stretch out, triangulated from the research station located on the surface of Ventax II. The ship was subsequently commandeered by the crew of the Enterprise, the crew quickly admitting their guilt, and Ardra was arrested by the Ventaxians, effectively ending the ruse. (TNG: "Devil's Due")

Ardra's vessel was depicted as a three-nacelle configuration starship in the DC Comics story "Shore Leave in Shanzibar!".
In the novel The Jackal's Trick, Ardra's ship is named the Houdini.

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