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"There isn't anyone on that ship we can help anymore."

Arctic One was the designation for an United Earth Arctic One-type transport that was in service in the mid-22nd century. In 2153, this starship was assigned to the A-6 excavation team, an Arctic Archaeology Team, a branch of the Earth Sciences Institute, for an exploration of Earth's Arctic Circle.

During their exploration of the Arctic Circle, the team discovered a craft of unknown origin. As they investigated the crashed vehicle and its crew, later identified as Borg drones, the members of the team were assimilated along with their ship into the Borg Collective. The new drones then attempted a journey in the Arctic One to the Collective's territory in the distant Delta Quadrant.

En route, the ship was intercepted and destroyed by Enterprise NX-01 using four spatial torpedoes and a phase cannon blast; however, before Arctic One's destruction, the drones successfully transmitted a subspace message to the 22nd century Borg in the Delta Quadrant, alerting them to Earth's location. (ENT: "Regeneration")

In the writer's commentary for "Regeneration" on the ENT Season 2 DVD, the episode's writers revealed that the reason the ship's mass kept growing was that the ship would have eventually evolved into a Borg sphere, implying that the Borg don't have traditional shipyards, but instead take ships they attack and assimilate them. This information wasn't conveyed in the episode, however.
The Arctic One was illustrated by John Eaves and rendered for CGI by Pierre Drolet. Views of the model and design sketches of the ship can be found here and here.
The Arctic One is featured as January cover of the 2008 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar, titled "Things From Another World" by John Teska.

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