The Archanis IV Research Outpost was an apparent research station located on Archanis IV during the mid-23rd century.

This outpost, located near the Federation-Klingon border, was allegedly inhabited with "a hundred peaceful people", who were all apparently massacred in a Klingon raid that had happened in the "three years" since the establishment of the Organian Peace Treaty.

In 2268, Pavel Chekov, who was under the influence of the Beta XII-A entity, believed that his brother, Piotr Chekov, was among the dead, and that he had a personal score to settle with the Klingons, who were at the time aboard the USS Enterprise. Hikaru Sulu later pointed out that Chekov never had a brother, leading Captain James T. Kirk to question what was fact from fiction.

Doctor McCoy, who was also heavily influenced by the Beta XII-A entity, reaffirmed that though the Klingons claimed to honor the truce, he noted that "there have been incidents" including "raids on our outposts," during the same period, with which Kirk, who was seemingly less affected by the entity, did acknowledge that the outpost raids had happened, but he found "no proof that the Klingons committed it." (TOS: "Day of the Dove")

While there is certainly a degree of ambiguity in the validity to the references made about this outpost, later references made in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine do support, that at one time or another, the Federation had maintained a territorial claim of the planet.