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Arabian Peninsula

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Statistical map

The Arabian Peninsula

Arabian Peninsula (or Arabian Pen. or Arabia) was a region on the planet Earth. This region was located in the continent of Asia. The Arabian Sea lapped at the southern coastline of this peninsula. The perfumes of this region were considered the sweetest and strongest of all the perfumes manufactured on Earth.

In the mid-20th century mystery, Dangerous Ground, the lead character, Doctor John Rawley thought, but didn't say, that the perfumes of Arabia would be unable to soften the features of Fredericka Wilson. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

The pages seen in the episode were from the mystery novel, Dangerous Groud, by author Frances Sil Wickware. This novel was published in 1946. Information on Arabian Peninsula was from page 47.

The location of the Arabian Peninsula was depicted on a statistical map. The map was stored in the library computer of the USS Enterprise. This map was assimilated by the Talosians in their study of Humans in 2266. (TOS: "The Cage")

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