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Incredible Tales - April 53

The April, 1953 issue of Incredible Tales

You also may be looking for Captain Robert April or Dr. Sarah April of the USS Enterprise.

April was the fourth month of the Human year.

Events by dayEdit

April 4th 
In 2063, the USS Enterprise-E, in pursuit of a Borg sphere, arrives in the past from 2373. (Star Trek: First Contact)
April 5th 
In 2063, Zefram Cochrane launches the Phoenix and subsequent First Contact with the Vulcans occurs. (ENT: "Regeneration"; Star Trek: First Contact; VOY: "Year of Hell")
Ronald D. Moore chose this date as it is his son's birthday. (AOL chat, 1997)
The events of the Voyager episode "Homestead" took place on this date in 2378.
April 9th 
Jonathan Archer is transported from March of 2152 by Daniels, who reveals that the Suliban Cabal, and not Enterprise NX-01, was responsible for the destruction of the mining colony on Paraagan II. (ENT: "Shockwave")
In 2342, Jean-Luc Picard arranges to meet Jenice Manheim at the Café des Artistes in Paris, but never shows. (TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris")
April 16th 
In 2151, the Enterprise NX-01 is launched. (ENT: "Broken Bow")
In 2152, Archer, Tucker, and T'Pol discuss the T'Mir and her early contact with Humanity. (ENT: "Carbon Creek")
April 22nd
The events of the Voyager episode "11:59" took place on this date in 2375.
April 24th 
In 1987, Gabriel Bell is born on Earth. (DS9: "Little Green Men")
In 2153, the Enterprise NX-01 arrives back at Earth for a refit after the Xindi attack on Earth in March. The IKS Bortas, commanded by Duras, is chased off by three Starfleet ships, after pursuing the Enterprise NX-01 to Earth from Klingon space. (ENT: "The Expanse")

Other eventsEdit

In 1968, the United States of America launches an orbital nuclear weapons platform from McKinley Rocket Base, causing an international crisis. The USS Enterprise travels back in time from 2268 to study history and becomes involved in the platform crisis. (TOS: "Assignment: Earth")

In early April of 2151, a K'toch-class scoutship piloted by the Klingon courier Klaang crash-lands in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, resulting in first contact between Earth and the Klingon Empire. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

In 2152, Enterprise NX-01 suffers severe damage from a Romulan minefield and is forced to undergo repairs at an automated repair station. (ENT: "Minefield", "Dead Stop")

Appendices Edit

Apocrypha Edit

According to a clip created for the Picard family album in Star Trek Generations, which was not used on screen, Jean-Luc Picard won the Starfleet Academy marathon in April 2323 and graduated on April 20th, 2327 in the Yuri Gagarin Hall.

Some of the events of the Eugenics Wars novel The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 took place on April 21st, 1994.

The events of the Pocket ENT novel The Expanse, an adaptation of the Enterprise episodes "The Expanse" and "The Xindi", took place on April 24th, 2153.

A Starfleet military exercise called Centerpiece 10 was held in the Cygnet region on April 7th, 2289. (Ships of the Star Fleet)

The events of the Pocket DS9 novels Avatar, Book One and Avatar, Book Two took place in April of 2376, three months after the events of DS9: "What You Leave Behind".

The events of the Pocket DS9 novel Rising Son begin in April of 2376, immediately after those of Avatar, Book Two.

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