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Aoshima Logo

Aoshima was established in 1923 in Shizuoka, Japan as an aircraft research institute and began to manufacture wooden airplane model kits in 1929. Over the following years, the company has released thousands of plastic model kits of aircraft, vehicles, ships, spacecraft, and figures from a wide variety of different genres and franchises.

The company acquired licensing for the production of Star Trek: The Next Generation starship replicas in 2010.

Star Trek starship releasesEdit

Aoshima’s fully-painted 1/2000-scale ABS plastic replicas measured 32 cm long (docked) and included internal LED lighting for the windows, deflector array, and warp nacelles. The saucer section separated from the stardrive section, the Captain's yacht separated from the saucer, and each ship included a 45 mm long 1/80-scale Type 15 shuttlepod. Its display stand divided into two to allow the starship to be presented in saucer separation configuration.

Prototype Edit

Aoshima AGT USS Enterprise-D prototype

Aoshima Future USS Enterprise-D prototype

A Future USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (as seen in "All Good Things...") prototype was shown at Japanese conventions in 2012 but did not reach production.

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