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"I'm an actor. I play many parts."
– Anton Karidian, 2266 ("The Conscience of the King")

Anton Karidian was the alias assumed by Governor Kodos, also known as "Kodos the Executioner", after the massacre at Tarsus IV in 2246. The earliest records of the actor date to this year. His daughter Lenore Karidian was born one year after the massacre.

In 2257, the Galactic Cultural Exchange Project sponsored the Karidian Company of Players. Karidian was the star and director of this troupe of itinerant actors. For the next nine years, this company toured official installations.

In 2266, the Karidian Company visited Planet Q. One of the residents of that world was Thomas Leighton, who recognized Karidian as Kodos. He asked James T. Kirk to investigate, as Kirk was one of the nine people who actually saw Kodos. After a series of murders and attempted murders, Kirk was convinced that Karidian was Kodos and was killing witnesses to cover his identity. In actuality, it was Lenore who was committing the crimes, and when she tried to kill Kirk, Karidian jumped in the line of fire as she fired a phaser, killing him. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

Anton Karidian was played by Arnold Moss.

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