Alternate timeline
(covers information from an alternate timeline)
Kes and Chakotay, 2371

Kes and Chakotay wearing armbands designed to generate an antipolaric field

A antipolaric field was an artificially-created energy phenomenon which could repel subspace fractures.

In 2371, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres equipped a landing party with armbands which generated antipolaric fields, which would protect them from becoming caught in subspace fractures which existed on the surface of a planet in the Delta Quadrant as a result of a massive polaric ion explosion. Using these armbands, they embarked on a mission to rescue Captain Kathryn Janeway and Lieutenant Tom Paris, who had traveled back in time after becoming trapped in one of the fractures. The timeline in which these events took place was later negated when Captain Janeway was able to prevent the explosion from occurring in the first place. (VOY: "Time and Again")

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