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Antimatter missile

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Antimatter missile

An antimatter missile on Uxal

antimatter missiles were a type of antimatter weapon.

After gleaming information on antimatter-based technology from the Friendship 1 probe, the Uxali developed antimatter missiles, which remained stored in numerous underground missile silos even years after the accident that triggered a nuclear winter on their homeworld Uxal. In 2378, Ensign Harry Kim and Commander Chakotay discovered an antimatter missile while on Uxal to try and locate an old Earth deep space probe called Friendship 1, which had landed on the planet. Later, Verin attempted to destroy the USS Voyager with the antimatter missiles before being stopped by Brin. (VOY: "Friendship One")

In 2259 in the alternate reality, fired antimatter missiles were able to interfere with the threat assessment system aboard Starfleet Takayama-type shuttlecrafts. A warning to this effect was noted on the pilot console. (Star Trek Into Darkness [1])

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