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Kyril Finn

Ansata Leader, Kyril Finn, in 2366


An Ansata underground base


The Ansata's inverter

The Ansata (of Rutia IV) were a political separatist group, located on the eastern continent of the planet.

Since 2296, the people of the western continent have been using terrorism to get the Rutian government to listen to their requests.

In 2366, the Ansata were lead by Kyril Finn, a devoted terrorist. At this time, it was thought that the group numbered only 200 actual members, but there were over a thousand sympathizers. During this year, Finn and his cell abducted Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Doctor Beverly Crusher from the USS Enterprise-D in an attempt to draw the Federation into the conflict on this planet.

By 2366, the Ansata had become more and more of a threat to Rutian society. They had developed folded-space transport technology (using a device known as the inverter) to instantly transport themselves anywhere without leaving a trace. This device was later discovered to be the cause for an illness from which the Ansata were suffering.

Their attempt to capture the Enterprise officers was initially very successful; the Enterprise had no defenses against the various folded-space transport incursions. However, further analysis of the data collected on board and on the surface of the planet revealed the location of the inverter, and Finn's cell. (TNG: "The High Ground")

It is not known what became of the Ansata movement after the death of Finn, and the presumed removal of the inverter device when Finn's cell was taken over by the Rutian police.

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