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Anne Nored

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Anne Nored

Lieutenant Anne Nored in 2269

Lieutenant Anne Nored served on the security detail aboard the USS Enterprise, under Captain James T. Kirk. Lieutenant Nored was formerly engaged to the infamous Federation space trader and philanthropist, Carter Winston, prior to his disappearance in 2264.

In 2269, Lieutenant Nored would re-encounter her fiancé, only to discover that he was in reality a Vendorian shapeshifter working as a Romulan spy. Despite learning that the real Winston was dead, Nored was unable to kill the Vendorian who had assumed Carter's identity, allowing for his numerous escapes. Following its eventual capture, Nored, unable to set aside her feelings for Winston or the appearance of the Vendorian's true identity, chooses to discuss what possibilities may exist for the future. (TAS: "The Survivor")

The voice of Anne Nored was provided by Nichelle Nichols.

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