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Anjohl Tennan was a Bajoran who died in the labor camp at Batal in 2366. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")

It is unknown how much of Dukat's backstory for Anjohl is based on truth.

Gul Dukat


Gul Dukat as Anjohl Tennan.

In 2375, Gul Dukat assumed Anjohl Tennan's identity after he had himself surgically altered to appear Bajoran.

As Anjohl, Dukat claimed that he was a farmer from Relliketh, coming to Deep Space 9 to seek the blessing of Kai Winn Adami for prosperity in the coming growing season. This fulfilled the false vision sent to Winn earlier by the Pah-wraiths, which told her she would receive a "guide" who would have the "wisdom of the land".

During the Occupation, just after the Great Famine, Anjohl Tennan was one of a hundred Bajorans due to be executed by Gul Dukat's orders as a public example after the Bajoran Resistance destroyed the outpost in Relliketh. Winn, who was a ranjen at the time, had bribed the pilot of Anjohl's transport, Prenar, to "accidentally" misread his orders and divert his prisoners to a labor camp. Dukat later retold this story to Winn to further gain her trust. (DS9: "'Til Death Do Us Part")

Solbor eventually discovered what happened to the real Anjohl Tennan and exposed Dukat's true identity. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")

When Dukat was killed by Winn to release the Pah-wraiths, they resurrected his Cardassian image, ridding the alter ego of Anjohl Tennan forever. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

Anjohl Tennan was played by Marc Alaimo.


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