Angosian escape pod

Angosian police shuttle escape pod (2366)

An Angosian escape pod is an emergency vessel-escape vehicle used by Angosian spacecraft, such as their police shuttles.

In 2366, when the USS Enterprise-D was visiting Angosia III to consider their application for Federation membership, a Angosian police shuttle was commandeered near the Lunar V penal colony by Roga Danar. He would later pilot the ship in an effort to avoid detection by the Enterprise, eventually separating its cockpit section from the engine drive - and then ejecting the escape pod from that. The Enterprise was later able to transport him out of the escape pod in a loosely successful effort to capture him. (TNG: "The Hunted")

The studio model for the Angosian escape pod was new, and would later be re-used as a Ferengi probe in TNG: "Bloodlines".

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