The Angel I natives were a humanoid species from the planet Angel I. They resembled Humans in appearance, except that males tended to be physically smaller than females. In the 2360s, their civilization was roughly technologically equivalent to mid-20th century Earth. They did not have space travel capabilities, but were aware of intelligent life on other worlds.

The society of Angel I was matriarchal; men were considered intellectually inferior to women and possessed no voting rights or political influence. Angel I was governed as a constitutional oligarchy by a Parliament consisting of six elected Mistresses, headed by the Elected One.

Angel I symbol

The Angel I symbol

Due to Angel I's strategic location, the Federation considered good relations with the planet a priority. A Federation vessel visited the planet in 2302. No further contact occurred until 2357, when four men from the destroyed freighter Odin landed in escape pods. The Odin survivors were initially welcomed and started families on the planet. However, their advocacy of gender equality led to their being viewed as disruptive by the Parliament, and they were forced into hiding to avoid arrest.

In 2364, the USS Enterprise-D happened upon the wreckage of the Odin and arrived at Angel I to recover survivors. Ramsey and the other survivors refused to leave, and the Enterprise-D could not legally remove them against their will. Soon after, the men and their families were captured and scheduled for execution by Elected One Beata. Commander William T. Riker convinced Beata that doing so would make them martyrs; she thus chose to exile them to a remote, unpopulated region instead. (TNG: "Angel One")

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