Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)

Andrew Neskoromny was a Starfleet officer in the 24th century.

In 2353, he was listed as a Starfleet Operational Support Services officer on a directory placard at Starbase 32, Maxia sector. His office was located in room #45266. (TNG: "Violations", directory)

In 2371, he was listed as a Science Ops officer on the dedication plaque of the USS Voyager. (VOY: "Caretaker", dedication plaque)

In an unknown, alternate future timeframe, he was listed as an Engineering Division officer on the dedication plaque of the USS Pasteur. (TNG: "All Good Things..." dedication plaque)

He was named after production staff associate Andrew Neskoromny. His appearance on the dedication plaques was confirmed by behind the scenes graphics, such as the USS Voyager dedication plaque reprinted by the creative staff in the Star Trek Encyclopedia and the USS Pasteur dedication plaque, shown close-up by Michael Okuda in a video interview aired as part of a lead-in for the "All Good Things..." episode premiere.

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