In late 2153, while assisting the crew of Enterprise NX-01 in capturing a Xindi planet-killer prototype, Shran posed as a mining scout of the Andorian Mining Consortium, searching for Archerite. (ENT: "Proving Ground")

It is unknown if this entity really exists or was just an invention of Shran.
The computer game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary mentions the Andorian Mining Consortium (AMC) as background information. According to the game's on-line database, AMC was the third largest private corporation in the Federation by the 2260s. It was a relatively minor organization until it developed the Atlas computer, which transported ore out of the ground, sending high-grade material to processing plants and returning low-grade material back to its source. AMC considered itself to be an environmentally friendly company, but ecologists were pressuring to have its practices investigated.
The video game 25th Anniversary predates Star Trek: Enterprise by a decade; it is possible that the reference to the AMC in "Proving Ground" is a nod to that old game.

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