List of unnamed Andorians who lived in the 23rd century.

Elba II inmate Edit

Elysian councilor Edit

Federation councilors Edit

These two Andorian Federation Councilmembers on Earth, were Starfleet officers in 2286. They were present for the trial for James T. Kirk and the crew of the former starship USS Enterprise. One was an admiral, the other a commodore. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

This is the first appearance of a Starfleet flag officer that wasn't Human, concurrent with a Caitian Admiral shown at the same time.
The Star Trek Roleplaying Game Narrator's Guide gives the Andorian admiral's name as Igrilan Kor.

Memory Alpha technicians Edit

Stone's victims Edit

"The three I killed were cold everywhere."

These three Andorians were murdered by Stone, earning him a sentence to the Tellun penal colony. (DIS: "Context Is for Kings")

These Andorians were only mentioned in dialogue.

Triskelion thrall Edit

USS Enterprise officers Edit

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