Insectoid captain

The insectoid on a view screen

A species of Ancient Insectoids operated advanced starships over 300 million years ago.


They utilized an unknown alloy that was harder and lighter than any metal registered by the Federation in the 23rd century. Their construction techniques drew the alloy into filaments and were spun like a spider's web. Their spaceship designs incorporated hexagonal cell formations that were nearly identical to the honeycombs of bees on Earth. Among their more unique technology utilized was the energy accumulating wands they used to collect energy from motion, sound, light, heat, and magnetism.

Seemingly a warp-capable species, they traveled the stars in a uniquely designed pod ship, whose hulk was encountered by the USS Enterprise, on the outer fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy, in 2269. (TAS: "Beyond the Farthest Star")

The species was not named in the episode.
In the script of "Beyond the Farthest Star", the only member of this insectoid species that appears in the episode is described as "insect-like, but not grotesque" and is said to be a commander. Also, the pod ship's control room was to have been shown in the alien's message and, from comparison to the control panel, the audience was to have seen that the creature's size was huge. The script also points out that its voice box was vastly different from Humans.
Within the pressurised part of the ship, air and gravity were both within two points of Earth normal, hinting at its environmental requirements.

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