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(written from a Production point of view)

Honor can bear a painful price....

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
To true Klingon warriors, no occasion is more sacred than the Day of Honor, when they pay homage to all that makes them Klingon. But honor demands its price....
Worf finds his honor tested when he goes undercover to infiltrate a planetary criminal network. How can he root out the corruption on Sindikash without resorting to deceit and treachery himself? Worf's dilemma is shared by his son Alexander, who searches for the true meaning of honor in his own Human heritage. Along with his son, Worf must confront deadly danger – and the inner struggles of his Klingon soul.

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Background information Edit

Characters Edit

Alexander Rozhenko
Ensign Jensen Engineer
Mr Warren
Ensign Escobar
Commissioner Toledano
Ross Grant
Odette Khanty

References Edit

American Revolution
When the admiral is asked why the inhabitants of Sindikash are called "Seniards" instead of "Sindikashians", he replies that the reasoning must be similar to why the inhabitants of France are called "French" instead of "Francians".
Royal Navy
Inhabitants of Sindikash.
Colony world.

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 Ship of the Line

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