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Ancestral Spirits

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The Ancestral Spirits are divine beings worshipped by the Nechani. The Nechani who devote themselves to the Spirits are members of the Nechisti Order.

In 2373, Kes was severely injured by a neuroleptic shock she received upon inadvertantly entering a Nechisti shrine. Though sympathetic, Nechani Magistrate believed that she had been punished by the Spirits and was beyond help.

Based on the old story of King Nevad, who appealed to the Spirits directly to spare his son's life after a similar accident, Captain Kathryn Janeway participated in a purification ritual to commune with the Spirits to save Kes. During the ritual, she was informed that she should take Kes back into the shrine, and trust the Spirits to return her soul. (VOY: "Sacred Ground")

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