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Anan 7 was the leader of the High Council of the Eminian Union at the time the USS Enterprise visited Eminiar. As leader (and spokesman), his principal responsibility was to guide the council in its duties: overseeing the war with Vendikar, evaluating the effects of that war, and ensuring Eminian compliance with the terms of the treaty that governed the war.

The Enterprise's visit posed a considerable problem for Anan. In orbit, it was a legitimate target, and was in fact classified as destroyed by a tricobalt satellite explosion. Inasmuch as the explosion existed entirely in the computerized models of the war, the ship was not actually harmed. However, its people were required to report for disintegration, according to the terms of the treaty. Their steadfast refusal to comply, and the ship's ability to resist everything the Eminian planetary defenses could dish out, left Anan with few options. He tried trickery and extortion in various attempts to lure the crew to the surface, but failed each time.

Kirk grew disgusted, and determined to end the war. Seizing an opportunity, he took control of the war room and destroyed the computers that ran Eminiar's part of the war. Then he offered Anan 7 a choice: make real war, with real weapons – or make peace. Anan 7, with the help of Federation Ambassador Robert Fox, decided to attempt peace. (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon")

Anan 7 was played by David Opatoshu. The character appeared again in an issue of DC Comics's second volume comics series, "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!", where he revealed at Kirk's trial that the captain's solution ended up leading to numerous deaths before his world knew true peace.
In an interview which aired during the Sci-Fi Channel's first broadcast of the episode, actress Barbara Babcock stated that her Emanian character, Mea 3, was actually Anan 7's daughter. [1]

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