A protoplaser was a medical device used in wound treatment. Anabolic protoplasers were specialized versions of protoplasers.

Personnel file information about Lois Eckridge, an emergency medical assistant, listed her certification to use a protoplaser. (TNG: "Eye of the Beholder")

In a delusion created by Commander William T. Riker's mind while he was held captive on Tilonus IV, Doctor Beverly Crusher ordered for an anabolic protoplaser to be used in the treatment of a crewmember who had been injured by an exploding plasma torch. (TNG: "Frame of Mind")

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Information about Eckridge that mentioned the protoplaser was visible in an okudagram graphic, not from dialogue or from an explicitly visible prop.

Detailed drawings of a protoplaser device (an "anabolic protoplaser") seen in the Star Fleet Technical Manual match a red, black and pointed tool featured in Star Trek: The Original Series as well as the films Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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