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American Cinematographer is a magazine that has a specific focus on the art of cinematography and delves into the technical details of filming and other aspects of, predominantly, movie productions through in-depth behind-the-scenes articles and interviews about and with the people involved. Launched by "The American Society of Cinematographers" in 1920 under the stewardship of "Captain Jack" Poland, the magazine is, as of 2012, still being published.

Though there is a certain overlap in the subject matter with the younger magazines Cinefex and Cinefantastique (reporter Ron Magid submitted his Visual Effects articles also to the latter magazine in the last quarter of the previous century), the focus of this publication lies, as the title suggests, on the various aspects of the actual filming whereas Cinefex is focused on special effects and visual effects while Cinefantastique covers a lesser in-depth but wider range of behind-the-scenes aspects. As such, the magazines can be considered complimentary.

Noteworthy is that Star Trek Nemesis has not received any coverage in the magazine.

Notable issues

Of particular relevance to Star Trek are the following issues (the October 1967 issue stands out as the earliest professional behind-the-scenes coverage of a Star Trek production, pre-dating the book The Making of Star Trek):

Issue Cover Contents
October 1967 American Cinematographer cover Oktober 1967 TOS:
February 1980 American Cinematographer cover February 1982 Star Trek: The Motion Picture - theme issue:
  • "Behind The Camera On Star Trek The Motion Picture", Richard H. Kline, pp. 134-135, 180-181, 187-188
  • "The Universe And Beyond", Peter Bankers, pp. 136-137, 176, 202-204
  • "Far Out Production Design For Star Trek The Motion Picture", Scott Henderson, pp. 138-141, 189-191
  • "The Very Special Effects For Star Trek The Motion Picture", Herb A. Lightman, pp. 144-145, 174-175, 193-197
  • "Kinetic Lighting For Star Trek The Motion Picture", Sam Nicholson, pp. 148-149, 183
  • "The Magicam Miniatures Constructed For Star Trek The Motion Picture", James Dow, pp. 152-155, 178-179, 186
  • "Special Equipment For Filming Star Trek The Motion Picture", Sandford Kennedy, pp. 156-157, 184-185
  • "Synthesized Sound Effects For Star Trek The Motion Picture", Dirk Dalton, pp. 160-161, 198
October 1982 American Cinematographer cover October 1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:
August/September, 1984 American Cinematographer cover August-September 1984 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock:
  • "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock", Nora Lee, pp. 54-63
December 1986 American Cinematographer cover December 1986 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home:
  • "Leonard Nimoy Recollects", Nora Lee, pages 42-48
  • "Don Peterman on Earth", George Turner, pp. 50-56
  • "Jack Cooperman Underwater", George Turner, pp. 57-60
  • "Blue Skies and Starfields", Ron Magid, pp. 62-74
July 1989 American Cinematographer cover July 1989 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier:
  • "Mountain Climbing in the 23rd Century", Robert Carmichael, pp. 38-48
  • "Shatner at the helm for Final Voyage", Ron Magid, pp. 50-54
  • "Cinematography at the Limits of the Universe", Ron Magid, pp. 58-74
  • "Effects for Trek V Explore Uncharted Territory", Ron Magid, pp. 76-92
January 1992 American Cinematographer cover January 1992 TOS, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, TNG:
  • "Star Trek turns 25", Ron Magid, p. 33
  • "Where No Show Had Gone Before", Jan Alan Henderson, pp. 34-40
  • "Narita Leads Enterprise Camera Crew", Ron Magid, pp. 42-50
  • "Director Meyer Explores Familiar Country", Ron Magid, pp. 52-56
  • "ILM Gets 'Piece of the Action'", Ron Magid, pp. 58-65
  • "Specialized Departments Add Artistic Touches", Ron Magid, pp. 66-75
  • "TV Sci-Fi Hits Warp Speed With The Next Generation", Stephen Pizzello, pp. 76-87
April 1995 American Cinematographer cover April 1995 Star Trek Generations:
  • "ILM Creates New Universe of Effects for Star Trek: Generations", Ron Magid, pp. 78-88
December 1996 American Cinematographer cover December 1996 Star Trek: First Contact:
  • "Battling the Borg", Andrew O. Thompson, pp. 58-66
  • "Where No "Trek" Has Gone Before", Ron Magid, pp. 68-74
January 1999 American Cinematographer cover January 1999 Star Trek: Insurrection [1] [2]:
  • "Trouble in Paradise", Andrew O. Thompson, pp. 30-38
  • "Effecting an Insurrection", Ron Magid, pp. 40-46
November 2001 American Cinematographer cover November 2001 Star Trek: Enterprise:
  • "The Final Frontier", Douglas Bankston, pp. 66-73
July 2009 American Cinematographer cover July 2009 Star Trek [3]:
  • "A Bold, New Enterprise", John D. Witmer, pp. 28-39

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