Amazing Detective Stories

The first page of an issue of Amazing Detective Stories

Amazing Detective Stories was a magazine that featured the Dixon Hill crime stories, including "The Big Good-Bye", "The Black Orchid", "The Listening Man", "The Long Dark Tunnel", "The National Sheriff", and "The Parrot Claw". (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

Interestingly, most of those titles were actual books, as in Peter Chamber's 1993 mystery The Big Goodbye, Edward Ronn's 1959 movie novel The Black Orchid (also a 1988 Susan Rubin family drama), Donald J. Young (2002) and Lucy Embury's (2005) contemporary fictions, both named The Listening Man, and Paul Lester's short story "The Parrot's Claw" (2000). The National Sheriff "is a periodical by the National Sheriff's Association which began its circulation in 1948."(citation needededit)

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