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Amaros was a settler on Volan III, a member of the colony's council, and a member of the Maquis. After William Samuels had been captured by the Cardassians, and committed suicide after confessing to being a Maquis, Amaros physically attacked Gul Evek, convinced that his friend had been tortured to death. Amaros was part of the kidnapping party that kidnapped Gul Dukat from Deep Space 9 and among those who was interrogating him. Amaros was captured by Commander Benjamin Sisko's rescue group only to be released so he could relay a message to Cal Hudson, letting him know that Starfleet knew nothing of his betrayal and could return to Starfleet. He was present in the council chamber when Sisko returned to Volan III to invite Hudson back.

Amaros later served as Hudson's co-pilot in a Federation attack fighter when Hudson attempted to destroy a Cardassian weapons depot. Deep Space 9 personnel however, engaged Hudson's ships, disabling their weapons, and forcing them to retreat. (DS9: "The Maquis, Part I", "The Maquis, Part II")

Amaros was played by Tony Plana.
His name comes from the scripts of both episodes.

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