Alvanian Brandy, Body parts

Alvanian brandy.

Alvanian brandy was an alcoholic beverage typically supplied in pyramid-shaped bottles.

Sometime prior to stardate 49930.3, Doctor Julian Bashir of Deep Space 9 received a case of Alvanian brandy as payment from a patient. Bashir donated the case to Quark after the Ferengi barkeep's business license was revoked by the Ferengi Commerce Authority and his bar stripped of its contents. Bashir insisted that the brandy wasn't charity, as he found the stuff "undrinkable". (DS9: "Body Parts")

In an unfilmed scene of the episode, Benjamin Sisko replicates three glasses of Alvanian brandy for himself, Bashir and Miles O'Brien during the scene where O'Brien learns that Kira Nerys will have to carry his baby to term. [1]
According to the script, Alvanian was pronounced as "al-VEIN-ee-un". [2]

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