Αα Alpha is a letter in the Greek language alphabet of Earth, originating in the early period of Human history.

It was used in the following contexts:

Astronomical objects
Cardassian terminology
Food and beverages
Holographic terminology
Legal terminology
Medical terminology
Space station
Starfleet terminology
  • Alpha One Clearance, a Starfleet security protocol
  • Alpha-47 authorization, a Starfleet security protocol
  • Alpha search pattern, a Starfleet procedure
  • Alpha shift, the first shift or watch on a Starfleet starship
  • Code 1-Alpha-Zero, a ship in distress code
  • Position Alpha, ship location reference used during the Battle of Wolf 359
  • Deck 17, section 21-Alpha, the location of the Enterprise-D arboretum
  • Pattern Riker Alpha, a Starfleet standard maneuver, developed by William T. Riker
  • Starfleet command authorization codes including:
    • Omicron-omicron-alpha-yellow-daystar-2-7 (2365)
    • Sisko-Alpha-1-Alpha (2371)
    • Override Command 1-EMH-Alpha; End Program (2371), The Doctor's deactivation code
    • Picard-4-7-Alpha-Tango (2373)
    • Picard, authorization Alpha-Alpha-3-0-5 (2379)
    • Security code 045, code 100 alpha
Star systems
  • Alpha, a Jem'Hadar soldier bred in the Alpha Quadrant
  • Alpha Hirogen, leader of a Hirogen pack
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