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An alloy is a combination, either in solution or compound, of two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal, and where the resulting material has metallic properties. The resulting metallic substance generally has properties significantly different from those of its components.

The hull of a class 2 shuttle was made from a tritanium alloy. (VOY: "Threshold")

The alien probe "Pup" was made of a form of corundium alloy. (DS9: "The Forsaken")

After Doctor Julian Bashir performed an autopsy on the Klingon first officer Hon-Tihl in 2369, he stated the cause of his death were the minor tritanium alloy fragments in his chest and upper arms and severe weapon burns. (DS9: "Dramatis Personae")

In 2370, some new tennis rackets were made of nillimite alloys. (DS9: "The Wire")

In 2373, the crew of the USS Voyager discovered that the supposed asteroid bombardment of a Nezu colony was in fact a deliberate attack when they found an alloy within an asteroid fragment. It was part of a guidance system used by the Etanian Order. (VOY: "Rise")

Since both duranium and tritanium are known to have been used in the hull construction of Starfleet vessels (TNG: "Where Silence Has Lease"; VOY: "Repentance") and both seem to be elements rather than alloys according to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, it is possible although not certain that they may be combined to form an alloy in some circumstances. The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual however, indicates that these materials form separate layers of starship hulls.

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