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Alixus in 2370

Alixus was a Human who believed that Humanity had lost its way to technology, so she stranded herself and a colony ship on a planet where she had set up a duonetic field, so no technological equipment would function. She was the mother of Vinod.

At first Alixus led her fellow castaways to believe that the dampening field was a natural feature of the planet. However, when Starfleet officers Benjamin Sisko and Miles O'Brien landed on the planet they discovered her deception and revealed it to the rest of her community. She was taken with her son into custody by Starfleet because, as Sisko put it, she had to answer for letting people die for her theories. The colonists ultimately decided to continue pursuing their non-technological lifestyle.

In many ways the lifestyle sought by Alixus followed in the footsteps of some 22nd century philosophies such as the Neo-transcendentalist movements that lead some groups, including the Bringloidi to establish non-technology-based colonies. (DS9: "Paradise")

Alixus was played by Gail Strickland.

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