Alice series

Mudd with several androids from the Alice series

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The Alice series was a group of five hundred identical androids who inhabited the planet Mudd. They were designed according to Harry Mudd's "exacting" specifications, and were the primary liaison between the vast android population and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Their names were formatted "Alice", followed by their number in the series of Alices. For example, "Alice 1", etc. (TOS: "I, Mudd")

List of Alices seen Edit

  • Alice 1
  • Alice 2
  • Alice 3
  • Alice 11
  • Alice 19
  • Alice 22
  • Alice 27
  • Alice 66
  • Alice 73
  • Alice 99
  • Alice 118
  • Alice 210
  • Alice 263
  • Alice 322
  • Alice 471
  • Alice 500
The end credits state that Alice series #1 – #250 were played by Alyce Andrece, while Alice series #251 – #500 were played by her twin sister, Rhae Andrece. Frequently, two Alices that were onscreen simultaneously were both from the same range.

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