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Alexana Devos was the head of the Rutian police in 2366.

Devos had always considered herself as a person with moderate feelings towards the Ansata until she was assigned to work in a city with high terrorism threats. Over six months, her opinion of the Ansata changed, partly because of the rising body count she had to deal with, but mostly because of the three assassination attempts on her life in that time.

While the USS Enterprise-D was orbiting Rutia IV on a medical mercy mission, Dr. Beverly Crusher was kidnapped by the terrorists led by Kyril Finn. Commander Riker was ordered to rescue Crusher and Devos was to assist him. She and Riker clashed over the attempted rescue. When Riker informed one of the terrorists that they would negotiate for Crusher's release, Devos took a hard line and refused to negotiate. She ordered the arrest and interrogation of numerous suspected rebels, including children. Riker questioned her methods, but she informed him that a pre-teen had planted a bomb on a bus, killing many school children a few weeks previously.

After Finn attacked the Enterprise-D and also kidnapped Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Riker staged a surprise attack on Finn's underground headquarters. Devos shot Finn to death after the terrorist leader appeared ready to execute Picard. Riker rebuked her, but she stated that if Finn were taken alive, there would have been more bloodshed in any attempts to free him. A young Ansata boy aimed a phaser rifle at Devos, but she was saved when Dr. Crusher urged the boy to put the weapon down. (TNG: "The High Ground")

Alexana Devos was played by Kerrie Keane.
Her last name is mentioned in the episode's script.

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