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Alcia was the First Prelate of Drayan II, a society of isolationists.

In 2372, she visited the USS Voyager to negotiate a trade of minerals. She had further involvement with the crew of Voyager when Tuvok, whose shuttle had crash-landed on a Drayan moon, tried to save a young girl named Tressa from being killed by the Drayans, who had abandoned her on the moon.

Alcia intervened and explained that Tressa was 96 years old and had come to the moon to die a peaceful death. It was then that the Voyager crew learned that the aging process of the Drayans was reversed: as they grew younger they approached death.

Alcia ultimately allowed Tuvok to stay with Tressa until the end of her days, and eventually provided Voyager's crew with the minerals they needed. (VOY: "Innocence")

Alcia was played by Marnie McPhail.

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