Al Capone was a character in the old Earth television series The Untouchables.

In 2376, Tom Paris liked to watch episodes of The Untouchables on a television set given to him by B'Elanna Torres. She remarked that one of the episodes involved Eliot Ness capturing someone named "Al Cay-pone"; he quickly corrected her mispronunciation. (VOY: "Memorial")

From the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 115), "Twentieth-century Earth criminal who dominated organized crime in the North American city of Chicago during a period known as the Prohibition. Capone was brought to justice in 1931 by an American law enforcement agent named Eliot Ness. The extended conflict between Capone and Ness was the subject of a popular 20th-century American television series, "The Untouchables"."