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Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
Airtrax forklift

An sidewinder forklift

Airtrax was a group that produced a forklift type transport vehicle used in Hangar 1 at Starfleet Academy in an alternate timeline of 2258. (Star Trek)

Airtrax used to be a real company, however it ceased operations in 2008. The vehicle in the movie seems to be a "sidewinder" Omni-Directional Lift Truck (ATX-3000). It was introduced in 2005. It is still produced, under the brand name Airtrax, by a company called Vetex. Its wheels use the "Omni-Directional drive system" allowing the vehicle to maneuver in any direction, even sideways. The unique appearance this gives the vehicle is probably why it was selected for the film.

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