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Ah'len was a Xyrillian engineer who assisted Charles Tucker III in repairing the engines on her ship.

In 2151, she had a brief flirtation with Tucker which led to him becoming pregnant. After the ship was repaired, Ah'len showed Tucker the Xyrillian holographic technology. She recreated a landscape of her homeworld. While sitting in a holographic boat in an ocean, she and Tucker immersed their hands into a box of granules which begin to glow, enabling them to read each other's minds, and transferring energy between the two. Somehow Tucker became pregnant.

Tucker did not realize he was pregnant until he left Ah'len's ship, although he knew they were attracted to each other. It was the first documented occurrence of a Human male becoming pregnant. After the Enterprise NX-01 tracked down the Xyrillian ship, Ah'len became aware of the pregnancy, but was surprised that fertilization could occur with another species. She scanned the embryo and determined that it was a female. It was safely transferred to another Xyrillian host. (ENT: "Unexpected")

Ah'len was played by actress Julianne Christie. The costume worn by Christie as Ah'len was auctioned off in the It's A Wrap! sale and auction.

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