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Adrienne Greshock is a costumer who worked on 2009's Star Trek.

Greshock was previously a costumer on such films as Kicking & Screaming (featuring Musetta Vander, Tom Virtue, and Matt Winston) and Flightplan (featuring Lois Hall), and a key costumer on the 2006 film Invincible (featuring Kevin Conway, Jack Kehler, and Michael Nouri). She was also a costumer on two 2007 films featuring cast members from 2009's Star Trek: Lucky You, starring Eric Bana; and Evan Almighty, starring Jimmy Bennett.

Her film credits as a costume assistant include Murder by Numbers, Anger Management, and Matchstick Men (the latter of which stars Bruce McGill and features Tim Kelleher). She was also wardrobe supervisor on the 2001 film A Gentleman's Game, costume supervisor on the 2003 film Manhood (featuring Tracey Walter), and assistant costume designer on the 2005 film The Kid & I.

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