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Entharan magistrate an Entharan magistrate

Adrian Sparks is the actor who played the Entharan magistrate in VOY: "Retrospect".

He has appeared in movies like My Stepmother is an Alien (1988, with Tony Jay, Suzie Plakson, Kevin McDermott, and Earl Boen) and It Came from Outer Space II (1996, with Simone Boisseree, Denise Lynne Roberts, and Merritt Yohnka) but has been more notable in TV series such as MacGyver (1991, with Vince Deadrick, John Hostetter, and Clynell Jackson III), L.A. Law (1991, with Corbin Bernsen, Jennifer Hetrick, and John Vickery), Seinfeld (1997, with Jason Alexander and Tucker Smallwood), JAG (1997, with Shannon O'Hurley), Ally McBeal (1998, with Christopher Michael), Alias (2003, with Bill Bolender, Brad Greenquist, and Shauna Duggins), and Gilmore Girls (2003).

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