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Adin was an Ilari, and doctor to the tyrant Tieran.

In 2373, Adin, Tieran, and a female named Nori were beamed aboard USS Voyager just before their ship exploded. The Doctor and Kes was unable to save Tieran, who died of his injuries, but not before he transferred his consciousness into Kes.

Kes/Tieran became paranoid due to the stress of the mental conflict between their minds. Adin tried to convince Tieran to break control over Kes and transfer to a new host. Adin was fearful that there would be irreversible damage done to his mind if he did not. Tieran ended up killing Adin using Kes' mental abilities. (VOY: "Warlord")

Adin was played by actor Anthony Crivello.

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