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Adam Absinthe is an actor, model, and musician who has a supporting background role as a Prisoner in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

Originally from Brookfield, Boston, Massachusetts, Absinthe graduated from the New York Film Academy in 1997 and is describing himself as a "chameleon". With a self-published book, two years of martial arts training, and a certification as a make-up artist, he is also the lead singer of the upcoming band "Adam Absinthe". He studied acting at the John Sudol Acting Studio and the A.C.T. Studios and has modeled for several magazines and commercials. Absinthe appeared in several music videos for artists such as G Tom Mac, Karmina, and The Jonas Brothers and in the television series iCarly, Without a Trace, and VH1's Glam God.

Beside his appearance in the new Star Trek film he has also a supporting role as Adam in the 2008 movie Broken Hart.

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