Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)
For the drug, please see LSD.

An acid is a water-soluble compound with a pH of less than 7. It is an ion or molecule that can give up a proton to a base, or accept an unshared pair of electrons from such a base. In a reaction with an alkali, the two compounds will create water and a salt. This salt is different with different combinations of acid and alkali.

In 2263 of the alternate reality, a green goo that Keenser kept expelling whenever he sneezed was highly acidic, so much so that it was able to unlock the door to a holding area where several members of USS Enterprise's crew were being held by Krall. (Star Trek Beyond)

Dr. Sevrin committed suicide by eating acid-laced fruit. (TOS: "The Way to Eden")

Spock and Kirk inspect Horta tunnel

A Horta acid tunnel

The Horta could tunnel through rock by producing an acid. (TOS: "The Devil in the Dark")

Leonard McCoy and his mirror self both caused the same spilling of acid on tables in their respective sickbays, creating a duplicate burn mark on each of them. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

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