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Access port

Ensign Paris utilizes an access port on the holodeck

An access port was any type of panel which granted access to another area on a starship or space station, or to a computer interface. Such access ports were built into holodeck programs, for use in accessing ship's systems from within the holographic environment. (VOY: "Bride of Chaotica!")

In 2152, Commander Charles Tucker, chief engineer of the Enterprise NX-01, located an access port to a cooling duct in the automated repair station at which the ship had docked, with which to access the main computer of the station. Entering the duct with Lieutenant Reed, the two Enterprise crewmembers approached to within twenty meters of the computer, before being beamed back to Enterprise by the station's artificial intelligence system. (ENT: "Dead Stop")

In 2375, while attempting to distribute a chroniton serum throughout the USS Voyager, which had been shattered into multiple time periods due to a chronokinetic surge, Commander Chakotay and Captain Janeway utilized an access port in the holodeck, injecting the serum into the port so that it would filter through to other systems. Their efforts were eventually successful in bringing Voyager back into temporal sync, and Chakotay was able to avert the accident which caused the fragmentation in the first place. (VOY: "Shattered")

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