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Aaron S. Rosenberg (born 13 October 1969; age 47) is an author of several Star Trek novels.

Although a native and current resident of New York City, Rosenberg has also called New Jersey, Kansas, and New Orleans home. In addition to penning novels, he has taught college-level English and has spent time creating corporate graphics.

He has published many short stories, poems, essays, articles, reviews, and nonfiction books. A vast majority of his recent work has been targeted in the role-playing genre, where he has written material for more than eight different games, including White Wolf's popular Vampire: The Masquarade and FASA's Star Trek Role Playing Game. He has done tie-ins for Warcraft, Stargate Atlantis and Warhammer.

Writing credits Edit

Star Trek novels
Some non-Star Trek novels include
  • Star Craft: Queen of Blades
  • Daemon Gates 1: Day of the Daemon

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