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Aaamazzarites, TMP

Two Aaamazzarites passing through the air tram station.

The Aaamazzarites were a humanoid species encountered by the United Federation of Planets by the late-23rd century.

Two Aaamazzarites visited the air tram station in San Francisco on stardate 7410.2. They were passing through the loading dock when Admiral James T. Kirk parted ways with Commander Sonak. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)


Aaamazzarite make-up proof

Production photo detailing make-up and attire.

The Aaamazzarites were designed by Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher for The Motion Picture. In notes Fletcher wrote about the aliens in that film, the Aaamazzarites are described as follows:

"Therbians from planet Aaamazzara. They generate their own clothing from out of their own mouths, like bees making hives. They manufacture everything they use from their own chemistry, from inside their own body, from clothing to furniture. Costumes for film modeled in clay, cast in sheets of foam rubber." (The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, pp. 129-130)

In an interview appearing in the March 1980 edition of Fantastic Films, entitled "The Star Trek Costumes", Fletcher revealed information about the Aaamazarites and the design of their costumes. He commented of the aliens, "I guess you could call them bugs. They are very much like our Earth spiders, not in appearance but in the functions that their bodies are able to perform. Everything that they need in way of housing or clothing they sort of spin from their bodies using its chemicals."

In an article appearing in the January 2002 edition of Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 9, entitled "Who is that Alien?", the fact that the Aaamazzarites were referred to as Therbians in Robert Fletcher's notes about the aliens was regarded as "rather confusing".

Aaamazzara (Therbia, Epsilon Serpentis) was the name of a star in the Alpha Quadrant. The primary was a Class A star. Magnitude of this star was +3, which was 10 times brighter than Sol. Aaamazzara was the name of a planet in the system. too, and had, by 2378, become a member of the Federation. (Star Trek: Star Charts, United Federation of Planets I)

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