A Picnic with the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx was an erotic holo-program featuring the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx.

Quark offered this program as an alternative to Tiron in 2371 when he found his initial purchase boring. He would even provide real food for a small fee. Tiron, however, declined and requested a custom program instead. (DS9: "Meridian")

In the script for "The Homecoming", A Picnic with the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx, also known under the computer filename Scenario 14C, was one of several programs listed in an image menu of programs recently released that cycle. It was received from Phalonia Prime at Quark's in 2370. After hearing Quark talk with Rom about this program, Morn grabbed the PADD from Quark, who subsequently informed him that he believed Holosuite Six was available. Morn headed to the holosuite for a picnic with the goddess.